Tom 1

Tom 1 jest pierwszą wersją kolekcjonerską Fruits Basket.


Toru Honda is a smiling, nice, carefree, high school student. However, no one knows that as a result of certain random events, the girl lives alone in a tent in the middle of the forest. One day Toru passes by the house on the terrace, which finds figurines of animals from the Chinese zodiac. Charmed by them, Toru bumps into the owner of the house, which turns out to be Shigure Soma, who lives there with Yuki Soma, a classmate and her school "prince"! When Toru is left homeless again, Shigure and Yuki offer her a room in exchange for help in Homeworks. Everything begins to shape for her ... At least until the aggression of the aggressive redhead who attacks the Prince ...! Inadvertently he discovers the greatest secret of the Souma family. The more Toru learns about this family, about its secrets and past.


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