Akito Sohma


Akito Sohma


Male (anime), Female (manga)


Early 20s


Akira Sohma (father, deceased), Ren Sohma (mother)


Akito is the head of the Zodiac family and has to bear the full weight of the curse. He doesn't change into an animal. He has some problems as when he was born he was told he has to die. He gets sick very easily, and most of Hatori's work is done on Akito.

He doesn't like things that happen outside of his control, such as Hatori and Kana. He lashed out at Hatori when they came to him to ask to be married, and practically blinded him in his left eye. He then blamed Kana and her guilt nearly destroyed her until Hatori erased her memories of him.

Akito is short-tempered and abusive and has scarred many members of the zodiac, such as Hatori, Kisa, Yuki and Kyo.

In the manga, Akito is actually a woman, and falls in love with Shigure, and at the end they live together.


Akito was born as the child of the head of the Sohma family, Akira, and a fomrer maid of the Main House, Ren. On the night Akito was conceived, the four oldest members of the Zodiac (Hatori, Shigure, Ayame, and Kureno) went to Ren crying and saying "we've been waiting" as they touched her stomach. Upon learning that she was pregnant and that her child would be a girl, Ren demanded that the baby be raised as a male because having a female heir would be troublesome (although, Shigure later says that it was out of fear that the baby would replace Ren as the most important person in Akira's heart). She threatened to abort the baby if her demands were not met. After Akito's birth, in compliance with Ren's demands, she was preseted as a male, with only the four boys knowing her true gender. Although she was raised as a boy, she is seen in flashbacks wearing a female kimono and Akira called her a "special girl". Akito recalls that her father was very kind and she loved him dearly, but her mother was cold. When Akito was born, Ren was the only person who was not happy and felt jealous of her husband's great affection for their daughter, and even refused to hold Akito as a baby.

Sometime in Akito's childhood, her father's health took a turn for the worst. In his dying moments he told her, not Ren, that Akito's existence and place as God of the zodiac was proof that his and Ren's relationship is special. By the time, Ren found out, Akira had died, and she lashed out that that "thing" (Akito) was with Akira instead. Ren shouts at Akito that the bond of the zodiac is fake and no one ever loved or wanted her. Determined to prove her mother wrong, Akito begins to force members of the zodiac to stay by her side and remain loyal to her.