Ayame is a drama He is Yuki's older brother, and his zodiac form is the snake. In the anime, he first appears in episode 14. He has long silver hair and gold eyes (yellow-green in the anime).

Ayame is very charismatic and confident. The only one who can control him is Hatori, who he looks up to. During high school, Ayame, Hatori, and Shigure were described as the three musketeers. He scared the teacher into letting him keep his long hair. He was the president of the student council, which surprised Yuki, who was also being nominated for the position.

When they were young, Yuki was kept isolated from the rest of the family, and so Ayame never felt like he had a brother. This led him to reject his brother the first (and last) time his brother tried to reach out to him for help. However, now that he is older he understands what a terrible mistake that was and is constantly trying to breach the gap between them. His assistant, Mine, describes his worst fear as being ignored by his brother as he once ignored him.

He runs a fabric store which also caters for men's fantasies. He and his assistant design costumes. When the curse lifts (in the manga) he tells her he loves her.

He and Shigure at like lovers sometimes,which leaves many veiwers with the impression that they are gay.This annoys Kyo and Yuki a lot. Hatori has gotten use to it.

Ayame Sohma

Ayame Sohma; He is the snake in the zodiac.