Isuzu Sohma
Isuzu Sohma in the manga


草摩 依鈴 (Sōma Isuzu), Isuzu Sohma




17-19 (in the manga)


mother father

Zodiac Animal


Rin is the horse in the zodiac. She has long black hair. Rin only appears in the manga, she is shown to have a sharp-tongue, and can't stand to have to depend on anyone else, traits often associated with people born into her zodiac year. Though independent and stubborn, it is also shown that she cares deeply for her friends.

It was shown that as a child, she was treated well by both of her parents. However, when she asked them if they loved her, their mask shattered to the point where they abused her so much, she was taken to the hospital. After she recovered, she moved in with her cousin, [[Kagura Sohma]].

In the manga, she was shown to be in a relationship with Hatsuharu Sohma that begins before the series, however, when Akito Sohma finds out about it, Rin takes all the responsibility in order to protect Haru. As a result, Akito pushes her out of a window, where she is taken to the hospital to recover, and it is there that she breaks up with Haru.
Rin Sohma horse

Rin Sohma