Kagura is the boar of the chinese zodaic. In "Here comes Kagura" she first appeared and started beating Kyo up for not calling her for the four months he left. She does this because she loves him too much. In the manga she says the only reason she loves Kyo is because when she was younger she felt bad for Kyo and played with him. When she forced him to take his bracelet off, she was scared and ran away. She felt bad again, and forced herself to love him. Now she constantly beats him up and chases him, and then acts like nothing happened and is nice to him. When she finds out Tohru loves Kyo she punches her and knocks her out, saying that if she truly did love him, she would tell it to his face, not behind his back, which pushes Tohru to do this. In the episode, Here comes Kagura, she runs into a postman and turns into a brown baby boar. Kyo does not, however seem to like her.