Kisa Sohma
Kisa Sohma in the Anime


草摩 杞紗 (Sōma Kisa) Kisa Sohma




12 (in the anime) 12-14 (in the manga)



Zodiac Animal


Kisa Sohma is the Tiger of the Zodiac. She is first introduced in her zodiac form, as she had transformed from the after effects of her running away from home as a long time result of her seventh grade classmates teasing her. After refusing to say a word, Kisa later stopped going to school and then ran away from home. Found by Hatsuharu Sohma and then encountering her cousin along with Tohru, she tenses up and goes on to bite Tohru when she tries to pet her. Later she is taken to Shigure's house where she stays for a while, where she remains in her tiger form, curled in the corner of the dining room. When Hatsuharu tells Yuki, Tohru, and Shigure what he knows about why Kisa was acting the ways she was, Kisa races up to bite Haru, and moments later to rush out of the room as quickly as possible.

Later, Tohru finds her, still in her tiger form, curled up by the fence. Walking towards her and trying to comfort her, Tohru reaches her hand out again, which Kisa bites, however, Tohru does struggle. When Kisa's mother finds the pair and comes over, stating that she was tired and near her breaking point, Kisa becomes even more upset. Tohru, however, seems to understand Kisa's feelings and helps to convey them to her mother for her. Once she finishes, Kisa turns back into a human, crying, and pressing close to Tohru.

It is later seen that it was decided that Kisa would live with Shigure, Kyo, Yuki, and Tohru for a while. Kisa spends the next days clinging to Tohru, never leaving her side. The two become very close.

Later, Hatsuharu comes over to Shigure's house with a letter from Kisa's homeroom teacher, asking her to try to find the good qualities in herself and to considered coming back to school. The letter angers Yuki and Haru, who were sitting with Kisa as she read it. After a bit of prompting from Yuki, Kisa finally manages to murmur a faint "mm-hm", in which she is pulled into a tight hug by Haru. Yuki takes her to meet Tohru on the way home from her job, where it is shown that Kisa has fashioned Tohru with the name of "Sissy", and calls out to her, in which surprises Tohru greatly and she rushes to hug her.

A day or two later, Kisa decides to go back to school, saying that she couldn't quit then or she's really mess up. Tohru, Kyo, Hatsuharu, and Momiji Sohma are all with her as she walks off to school.

She has a relationship with Hiro, however, when they talked to Akito, he hurt Kisa and told Hiro to stay away from her. This meant that Hiro couldn't help her when she was getting bullied because he had to stay away from her.