Yuki Sohma
Sohma yuki
Yuki Sohma in the anime


草摩 由希 (Sohma Yuki), Yuki Sohma




16 (in the anime)

    16-18 (in the manga)



Yuki Sohma is one of the main characters in the anime/manga, Fruits Basket. He is one of the possessed members of the Sohma Family. He turns into a rat whenever he is hugged by a member of the opposite sex or when he is under a great deal of stress. Yuki is known as a "Prince" in his school because of his good looks and apparently kind attitude, and he has a fan club. He is usually calm, collective, rational, and more silent compared to others. However, he is open and willing to change, be more himself, and genuinely enjoy life.


Yuki's older brother Ayame rejected him when he was very young, and he never felt very close to him. When he was young, Akito abused him and kept him in a locked room. He convinced him that nobody liked him and that he didn't have any skills. In the manga, he ran away and helped a young version of Tohru get home, which is when he finally realized that Akito had been lying to him and he did, in fact, have many skills.


Yuki is calm and collected and presents himself very politely. This is due to his desperation for friends from his lonely upbringing. Though he acts kind and princely, he views these actions of his as selfish, since he feels like he's manipulating others to like him. Later Tohru reassures him that he's not selfish and he's genuinely a kind person, which leads him to open up a bit more to his friends.

The CatEdit

Yuki and Kyo Sohma having been fighting and arguing ever since they were little kids, as Yuki is the rat and Kyo is the cat. Yuki has a natrual abilitly for martial arts and always wins the battles without a sweat, athough Kyo trains very hard. But ever since Tohru Honda came to live with them, they have been arguing much less than usual.


Tohru HondaEdit

Tohru and Yuki were classmates before the beginning of the series but didn't appear to interact much as Tohru is surprised and flustered when Yuki formerly introduces himself at Shigure's house. When learning of Tohru's situation he becomes sympathetic and amazed at her resilience in hardship. He spends the night digging out Tohru's belongings from the landslide with a hoard of rats he summons with the powers of his zodiac curse.

He is very protective of her, physically stopping Kyo if he crosses the line with his temper, and frequently walks Tohru to and from work and school. When Tohru's uncle disrespects her and calls her a tramp, Yuki, while still remaining composed, becomes furious and threatens him. When Shigure makes an inappropriate joke or ominous comment, Yuki will often hit him or insult him in retaliation. He is also very fond of her, reassuring her when she cries or when Kyo loses his temper.

Over time he appears to develop romantic feelings for her, such as blushing and transforming into a rat when she calls him by his nickname, and gifting her a ribbon that he later kisses to express his gratitude for her.

Kyo SohmaEdit

Kyo is Yuki's cousin and is also afflicted with the zodiac curse. Since childhood, Kyo and Yuki have never gotten along with each other due to their personalities and the implications of the zodiac. In the tale, the rat tricks the cat so that it never makes it to the banquet, thus being excluded from the zodiac. As such, Kyo, bearing the curse of the cat, is shunned by the Sohma family in many ways, which he blames Yuki for.

To worsen their relationship further, Yuki is controlled and calculated with a natural gift for martial arts, and as such he is regarded as a treasure among the Sohma family where Kyo is exiled. As such, Kyo yearns for what Yuki has. This angers Yuki, as Kyo does not understand the pain that comes with the Sohma family, and hates that Kyo wants what Yuki has been trying to escape since he was a child. As such, they physically fight constantly, with Kyo wanting to beat Yuki to prove himself as a member of the Sohma family and Yuki using Kyo to physically vent his frustrations.

Over time with Tohru's influence, they become less jealous of the qualities they envy in each other because Tohru helps them realise the good qualities about themselves. They often work together to protect Tohru, and toward the end of the series their relationship turns to that of bickering siblings rather than hatred.

Motoko MinigawaEdit

Motoko Minigawa is the head of the Yuki Sohma fan club and is madly in love with Yuki. That is the reason that she is trying to get rid of Tohru. She doesn't realize that pulling Tohru away won't make Yuki grateful, but very sad. She thinks Tohru is making it so Yuki won't fall in love with her. 

Hatsuharu "Haru" SohmaEdit

When Hatsuharu and Yuki were both kids, Hatsuharu hated Yuki. He thought it was all Yuki's fault that people called him dumb, as the rat rode the ox in the old zodiac story. But when he finally meets Yuki and yells at him, Yuki says, "They say you're dumb, but are you really?" Hatsuharu realizes that no matter what other people say, he is not dumb. He is himself. He later describes Yuki as his first love. Haru asked Shigure to let Yuki live in his house.

Haru had to call Shigure "sensei". Haru tells Yuki that he should call Tohru "Tohru -chan".

Shigure SohmaEdit

Shigure Sohma is Yuki's cousin. They get along well, although Yuki doesn't enjoy Shiguri's meals. Also, as it says in the anime, Shigure is Yuki's older, less violent, cousin.

Ayame SohmaEdit

Ayame is Yuki's older brother.When Yuki was a child, Ayame completely rejected him, pushing him away whenever he asksed for help. When he is an adult, Ayame regrets doing this, and is trying to close the gap that is between him and Yuki.


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